isang email na di ko mapalagpas…

Dear Friend,

I am Mrs.Miswa Tete from Burkina faso.I know that this mail will come to you as a surprise as we have never met before, but need not to worry as I am using the only secured and confidential medium available to seek for your foreign assistance in a business.

I am contacting you independently of my investigation and no one is informed of this communication. I need your urgent assistance in transferring the sum of $11.3million immediately to your private account. The money has been here in our Bank lying dormant for years now without anybody coming for the claim of it. I want to release the money to you as the relative to our deceased customer (the account owner) who died a long with her supposed NEXT OF KIN since 31 January 2000.

The Banking laws here does not allow such money to stay more than 8 years, because the money will be recalled to the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. Upon receipt of your reply, indicating your interest in this transaction,I will send you full details on how the business will be executed.


Send your reply to my private email:

Please keep this proposal as a top secret and delete if you are not interested.


Mrs.Miswa Tete


first of all, PAKYU VERY MUCH for your email..

secondly: change your name, its not gonna work in this country… all you’ll get is a good laugh

third: divorce your husband and drop the surname ‘TETE’ it adds injury to your already heehee-paking-larious name.

fourth: sorry, im not interested in your offer.


Prick D. Ashowle


11 Tugon to “isang email na di ko mapalagpas…”

  1. replyan u n kc at balatuhan mo ko!!!!!!!

  2. @mine: see the email? why dont you do it yourself?

  3. mukhang hindi natututo ang mga online raketistang ito… di yata nila alam na hindi ganun katanga ang mga tao…

  4. moo… pag nakuha mo ang pera na yan, pagkakataon mo ng palitan din ang pangalan mo. Palitan mo ang Defpotec at gawin mong Hava. Palitan mo na rin apelyido mong Jones at gawin mong Tete.

    Masisiyahan ka sigurado ako.

  5. koreanmine Says:

    ang sunget mo! Ashowle! Lols πŸ˜†

    kaw na binibigyan ng pera ayaw mo pa!

    kita mo, ni search ko yung ..

    Burkina Faso –

    landlocked republic in western Africa. A former French territory, it became independent in 1960.
    Language: French
    Currency: CFA franc
    Capital: Ouagadougou
    Population: 13,574,820 (2004)
    Area: 274,200 sq km/105,900 sq mi Former name Upper Voltauntil 1984

    oh di ba? di nmn imposibleng bigyan ka ng ganyang pera! napaka yaman ng Africa!!!

    kita mo nmn ang kapital, wagadugu! wala daw dugu dugu gang dun! Lols πŸ˜†

  6. @Maru: who’s asking your opinion?

    @mine: IDGARA – and that means: I Dont Give A Rat’s Ass!!!

  7. di yan opinion, as-hol!!

    di mo ba gets? inuutusan kita!!!!

  8. tccikwydbiwtpb πŸ˜›

    ay mali..

    IDGATRA = I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass din! la lang, la na kc aq masabe! hmp! buset!

  9. mura at pangbababoy sa katauhan nila —- kulang pa yan pakyu talaga sila.. tulad ng gago sa post na ‘to:

    yun lang muna..

  10. hahaha dave!

    tinalo mo pa ZTE pag nagkataon..hehehe πŸ˜‰

  11. ako din nakakareceive ng mga ganyan… dami manloloko dun sa africa eh! mga buset nirereplyan ko din yan sila ng mga pang-asar na sagot heheh.

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