love is blind.. may part 2 pa!!

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hello again and welcome to another episode of lovenuts..




dear jones,

hi, i hope you still remember me… its me again malen, and this time, i would just want to write to you to tell you of the events that transpired after you read my letter online.

jones, carlo and mica were listening to lovenuts when you aired my grievances.. he immediately called me up and offered his apologies. I was dumbfounded jones, i couldnt answer.. i told carlo to stop calling me up for was over between us. And as much as my heart still yearns for him. i just couldnt face him anymore.

I changed my cellphone, i changed my address and it was silent for a few months…thats when i felt the emptiness of solidarity. i missed carlo, awfully.

jones, there was never a night that i slept not thinking about him, his unorthodox face, his lovely kisses, the warmth of his breath when he used to whisper to me his love. my heart and i cried a bucketful of tears jones.. as part of me just couldnt let go..

carlo’s determination eventually brought back the communication between us.. i was surprised to get a text from a familiar number… and when i checked it out, my heart skipped,for it was carlo… he told me that he needed to personally see me… i contemplated on it, and thought about it.. what if he would hurt me again? what if he cheated again, what would happen to me?

I dont know jones, i was lost and confused.. i dont know why he keeps on coming into my life.. he is supposed to be happy with mica.. but a part of me wished that he wasnt… a part of me wished that we could be together again.

we arranged the meeting place in the biggest mall in asia, i brought along a friend. as the time of our meeting drew closer, i got cold feet, but on the otherhand i got excited..

i went to our meeting place and stood frozen… there and then i knew that i still love him.. he walked towards me, held my hand… looked at me straight in the eye… i couldnt breathe normally… i was hoping my nose wouldnt bleed at this stressful moment…he gave me an envelope… told me to open it when i get home…then he left..

i couldnt utter a single word.. i just said ok and goodbye… i wanted to hurry home…but i promised my friend jojie that no matter what happens, we will enjoy the moment.

as i rushed home that night.. the seconds felt like hours….i ran into my room and thought… will this letter bring us together again? will he propose his love for me? did carlo find out that he really didnt love mica and im the real one in his heart?will he stay forever?

i opened the envelope… and i was shocked… it was an invitation to his daughter’s first birthday… he wanted me to be the godmother…

jones, he broke my heart yet again.. what am i gonna do? help me.. im falling into depression once more..

thank you for your patience, and more power to your program… dont let that indian guy take your place…





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20 Tugon to “love is blind.. may part 2 pa!!”

  1. Gusto ko yung blooper sa ending. LOL

    Ang sakit ng pakiramdam ko def. Noong napatawa ako tumalsik yung softdrinks na iniinom ko. Katatapos ko lang mag punas ng monitor. Lintek ka!

  2. ako rin…alas dos ng madaling araw eh natatawa ako lecheng blooper sa ending. weeee!

  3. parang gusto ko na pabayaran ang bawat appearance koooooooo

    lol….ayos, may bloopers pa!!!! ahahah

  4. patok si chuvaness..

    at ang branded na nosebleed..

    i was hoping my nose wouldnt bleed at this stressful moment

  5. homaygad!!!!
    gusto kong mag-suicideeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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  7. hahaha. ang galeng. may bloopers pa! panalo. 🙂

  8. ehehehe — ang ganda ng almusal ko 😀

  9. How very amusing! You and Malen are soooo creative!

    The Goddess In You
    Norwich Daily Photo
    Your Love Coach

  10. haha ayos ah! Magaling! Ayaw kay SWAMI?? 😀

  11. ayos and ending ng video lol..

  12. ayos ang ending ng video lol..

  13. kakaiba ka!

  14. hehehe bakit may kutob akong magkakaroon pa sila ng affair ni kumpare carlo nya? wag sana akong magdilang anghel… wag lang sana. Malen Gudlak!

  15. HAHAHA!!! You are the president of the Philippines?! HAHAHAHA! Pucha ka! Pinagmayabang pa naman kita! HAHAHA! LOVE IT! NAKAKA-LURKEY! Ganun pala ang tunay na behind the scenes! HAHAHA!!!!

  16. he..he..saya! tenks for making me smyl.Gumanda mood ko…

    nxt tym padala ko luvstory ko sa yo 😉

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  18. extra pako. wahahaha!

  19. nakaka-miss na si Dear Jones.

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