stranger…in love….

hello again and welcome to another episode of lovenuts..





dear jones,

first and foremost i want to connote my best felicitations, for your ever societal segment that has the blogosphere community smitten by the vast bestowal of the intricate, yet appealing situations of your contributors. my name is irrelevant as of the moment, but factually speaking, most of your assemblage would not be privy to my title, upon reaching the limit of this billet i provided.

let us get to the point so as not to dilapidate your most precious time. jones, i am just an uncomplicated person. I was brought up by a rather average upbringing. i adore my parents and my siblings and being the most senior amongst them, i was behested the grand circumstance of engaging my knowledge to a higher level, by adapting to the rather immense standards of a learning institution. but with this opportunity that i was given, comes uncircumstantial sacrifices made by my parents. They had to barter two of their prized cattle to generate the funds that would enable me to achieve their wishes. and with this jones, i am fully indebted to their deeds.

jones with the knowledge that i attained, i was able to land a rather respectable yet complex job of being in charge with the daily liaising and maneuvering of different parties, through the use of an advanced transport system engaged in a network of paths and thoroughfares. my employers also placed me in supervision of making sure that all their intricate versatile machinery would be inspected and rendered immaculately spotless, of which i do rather enjoy engaging into.

they treat me pleasantly jones. Apart from the above average emolument that they present me, they actually provided me with a rather enthralling multi-function communications device. at first i was awestruck by its abstruse functions, but through time and practice, i eventually found the understanding of using it.

i continued to remit my wages to my parents on a prevalent basis. furthermore, I got the chance to accost with different gentlemen affianced in my line of undertaking. They became rather my close confederates, especially during those lull times when we would exchange electronically induced packets of data relayed over the airwaves, by the use of multi parabolic attenuators clustered around different locations.

One such datum i garnered caught my olfactory senses jones, it was about a certain lady. She was mainly the subject of each bulletin that would derive in my device. I affirm that we equate to the same similarities and nature of happenstance. and i found myself looking forward to her subjects on a daily basis, at times even cajoling my colleagues to provide me more of her entries, to which they readily obliged.

Jones i find myself seeking for your recommendation, not for the fact that i have a serious predicament of the heart, but because i know that your ‘lovenuts’ would be more than a vast medium of assisting me, in sending out my profound deliveries to call unto her. help me jones, i would traverse all 7 oceans and 9 planets of the solar system just to get the chance to behold my lovely INDAY.

much gramercy to you and your program, and may the Ultimate Being gratify you with much tributes.






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13 Tugon to “stranger…in love….”

  1. vaklush!

    nakaka-nosebleed ang english nitong si dodong! hahahahah

  2. amfpt. na-loka ako sa mga words: emolument! abstruse! nosebleed galore nga ito! hahaha. nagtaka pa ako nung una baket ba puro nosebleed ang images, yun pala’y… hahaha.

  3. pambihira! na daig pa ako ni dodong.. hanubayan…


  4. taragis na yan unang paragraph pa lang dehydrated na ko!

  5. brb sit muna ako at lean forward slightly, breathe througg mouth and pinch my nose muna ako.. kayo rin?


  7. vaklush! may plugging! hahaha..tenchu!

  8. wala ako naintindihan ampfft!

  9. Nananawagan po ako. Nangagailangan po kami ng maraming blood donors ngayon. Marami po kasi sa mga sumusubaybay ng Lovenuts ang dinugo dahil sa episode na ito. Kailangan po nila ng blood transfusion sa lalong madaling panahon. Mangyari po lamang na magsadya kayo sa pinakamalapit na tanggapan ng Red Cross.


    Rosa Rosal of Red Cross

  10. hahahaha

    hanep to mr. dep LOL

  11. first time to be here via chuvaness and reynz and i find this blog really really unique hahahaha

    keep up bro the good work

    i will link you up ha i like your work!

  12. hahahaha.. ang deep naman.. tanong ko po san po ba nagmula ang INDAY, sa emails or sa bubble gang..

    tapos eto may partner na siya hahaha

  13. arekupup… galing talaga ni dodong!

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