love is blind… awww

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dear jones

ive been meaning to write to you since i came accross your site.. but i never had the guts to send it to you. but then again, during the times that we spent chatting in the conference, i somehow found the courage to do so. im glad that you have a section in your blog that deals with matters of the heart. here is my story.

i was 17 when i first met carlo. i admit i wasnt attracted to him at first because as you can see, he wasnt that much of a head turner. He was just tall and dark.. and not even borderline handsome. but he seized that opportunity knowing that i was just fresh out of high school and new into college.

jones he befriended me and won my trust.. pretty soon we were sharing stories over lunch and he would accompany me to my dorm. he started courting me jones, and naive as i am, i actually agreed to go steady with him.

this is where my story begins…

being with carlo changed my whole perspective in a person. during our first year together, he was everything a girl would ask for. he was perfect. but it was during our second year together that i would experience my first heartbreak with him. yes jones, i found out that he was cheating on me.

my life crumbled back then jones, and when i confronted him, he didnt deny it, but instead he explained to me that it wasnt his fault. He told me that he tried his best to ignore the other girl, but the other girl was persistent, and she began stalking him.

Carlo told me that this was his ex girlfriend who couldnt get over him. and he couldnt shake her off no matter how hard he tried. He told me that his ex girlfriend was migrating to the states soon, and she requested to see him before she left. He promised me that it will all end there.. nothing more.

It shattered me jones, i wanted to break up with carlo, it was during that time when i sought the refuge of my best friend, mica. she told me to give it another try. that everybody deserves a second chance.. she convinced me.. and i listened to her… after that incident, he was more sweeter. i gave him another chance and he lived up to my expectations.

i felt happy again jones, with mica to support me, and carlo to love me. Pretty soon the 3 of us will go out malling, gimiks and out of town. and nothing felt more perfect…

My parents never really approved of carlo, and branded him as a womanizer.. it was mica who came out to my rescue and lawyered on my behalf for carlo… pretty soon, they started to warm up to him.

Jones, i think the reason why they initially dont like carlo is because of his bad boy look… but in reality he’s the sweetest person that is. most people wouldnt agree with me. but i know the truth. i know the real deal, i know the real carlo, or so i thought…

one night after watching a movie, he left his cellphone in my bag. maybe it was a blessing, or perhaps it was on purpose that he forgot to get it from me when he brought me home, and i couldnt stop myself from reading his messages jones, i know it was wrong , but something inside me is disturbing me…It almost fainted in agony when i read his messages

Jones, i found out that he was having a relationship behind my back. much worse is that they are already 9 months into the relationship.. i cried the whole evening that night. I called him up at his house but he wasnt there. Much to my dismay, i called up the other girls’ place, and not surprisingly, he was there.

I ended it that night jones, we were together for 5 years and 23 days. but i cannot get myself to forgive him anymore. I burned the bridge and left him back on the other side. He has crossed the line. this is too much jones, i cannot handle it anymore…i cried buckets of tears that night.. till my nose bled….

Jones, i will never forgive him. because that other girl was mica. my confidant. my best friend.

it has been a year now since that day, and ive learned to move on, ive learned to find my strength with other things that i do. come to think of it, carlo was never really worth it. i enjoy my life now, doing my own stuff. and lately i saw their pics in their friendster account.. they look happy together, yet somehow i cant help thank mica as well, for taking a thorn out of my heart. i couldnt help but smile, much more laugh at them.

jones sometimes i wonder if im just bitter or what. because honestly, i cannot help but not smile when i see them together.maybe its a smile of judas, maybe its a plastic feeling on my part, i dont really know jones, but. im sending you their picture for reference.

Thank you and more power to your program..God bless you






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20 Tugon to “love is blind… awww”

  1. scratch a match ampft’

  2. waaaaaaaaa tanggaris!

  3. deftopec ka talaga jones! grrrr!

  4. i cried buckets of tears that night.. till my nose bledโ€ฆ.nyahahahhahaha

  5. vaklush, inferness, ang ganda ng story. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. amp! at may gana pang mambabae! ๐Ÿ˜†

    teka.. asan yung payo section mo def?

  7. lekat. yung guy ba in the pics yung carlo? olats! major olats! ang pretty pa naman ng girl. grr…

  8. malen ok ka lang? ngayon ko lang narealize mahilig ka pala sa maalat. pabayaan mo na ang puso mo… bantayan mo ang kidney…. ang alat nung mukha :((

    this is a winner jones… wag lang sana madagdagan ang commercial huhuhuhu… come to think of it… may kamukha si carlo sa ad ng biolink hehehe ….

  9. hahahah! akala ko nung una si manny paquaio e… manny paksiw pala LOL ang ganda ng commercial! maningil ka na sa splash nyan ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hmmm… I am impressed, you have improved a lot! ๐Ÿ˜‰ GUJAB!

    Saan mo nakuha ang mga larawan? May mas bubulag pa ba sa kay Malen, lalo na kay Mica sa pagpatol niya sa isang lalaking kasing-gwapo ni Carlo na pinagsawaan na ng bestfriend niyang si Malen?

    Malen, bilib ako sa lakas ng loob mo na ilhad ang istoryang ito. Marami kang natulungan na mga sawi sa pag-ibig dahil ipinaalam mo na, oo, may life after a major heartache.

    Jones, aantabayanan ko ang iba mo pang episodes. Ako ang presidente ng fan club mo dito sa Estados Unidos.

  11. ay, sorry, di ko tinapos panoorin kasi dun pa lang sa ad mo natakot na ako eh, nyaaayyyy

  12. Mukang di “Carlo” yung nasa pictures, mukang “Long Mejia”. Patawad po… Sorcery? Indeed! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. wahaha… sayang sayang sayang yung gurl.. love is blind nga! wahaha. ^_^ nakakatuwa.. amputek talaga.

    kasama na ako ngayon sa fans club mo! awhii!

    kewl kewl kewl! haha. @_@

  14. Love is blind? Totoo nga itong kasabihan na ito. Hay pag-ibig….lols

  15. tanong lang po..

    totoo ba toh?? Confused na ko..

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  17. confused sobra Says:

    haha totoo ba to grabe confused ako sobra, tao ba yun???

  18. Muganda yong chikas ha!

  19. malamang ang fave nyang movie eh the good, the bad and the ugly kaya ayan! lol

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