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dear jones,

call me marie, currently residing in japan and im kind of in a dillema right now, you see jones, i think im bitten off what more than i can chew. My recently known boyfriend has been nothing but good to me.. almost perfect if i may say so, and even if our relationship is fairly new he has given me not a bit of a problem, until of late.

you see jones im in the middle of a blossoming career right now, if youre familiar with youtube, then youve probably heard of me. yes jones, im a performer for the newest generation of entertainment. the digital kind. And although the money is just starting to pour in, nothing beats the joy of singing to an audience who knows no borders. Ive met many people there jones, in fact, i got a lot of proposals left and right when i started there. but i know my place.

my boyfriend supported me at first, he would even show me off to his online friends and would not stop telling me how proud he is to have me. but after a while he became selfish, he wouldnt let me record songs in the studio, so i had to resort to home recording unplugged, which actually made me more popular than ever before. My boyfriend hated it, because he felt my career was taking me away from him. He was really that insecure.

jones i honestly never entertained any other guy, ive received thousands of proposals and millions of emails, and it actually made me feel good knowing that i inspire a lot of people. but my boyfriend, he changed.

There was this one guy, his name is rob. i dont know what got into me jones, but i felt something was different with him from the day he sent me his request to add him up on my myspace account. Jones i declined his request, because i didnt know him, and im loyal to my boyfriend whom i love so much.

rob treated me in a way no other person treated me before. He was persistent yet sweet, and he would never tire from sending me sweet emails and messages thru myspace. Amongst the millions of men, rob was the one whom i enjoyed talking to the most.

But jones, there is something that’s bothering me, i havent broken up with my boyfriend, and yet i crave and long for rob, last night he told me something, he confessed that he was married, and he has a new born daughter he loves very much. it pained me jones, but robbed admitted that he already loves me, and if it was ok with me, he would stay.

I couldnt give him my answer jones, because i was confused, and yet this was the special gift of robbed, he could totally understand that theres something wrong, and he told me to seek for advice.

yes jones it was robbed who told me to write to you. he knows that youre quite popular in giving love advices, and you would solve my dilemma. Honestly jones, i already know whats in my heart, and that is, i want to leave my boyfriend, and accept robbed as the man in my life.

jones, the last thing i did last night, was accepted robbed‘s request in myspace. That is a sign that ive accepted him in my heart..and im leaving my boyfriend..

Thank you for reading my letter, and i hope that your advice, although no longer needed, would support my decision. more power to you and god bless….



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10 Tugon to “stolenheart….”

  1. na past tense agad ako ampffft! nyahahaha!

  2. Dj Robbed Mendoza! weeeeee!!! wala na. babay ka na kay Marie. 😀

  3. parang may kumikiliti sa pwet ni def… huh? hindi? umiiyak cya? (sagwa pala nya umiyak) lol

  4. etong pang isa. *layas

  5. naiyak, ako, hmmp!

  6. ngayon ko lang nabasa to … ang galing may voice over pa talaga eh no hahaha!

  7. oh my gulay!! m nvr gonna hear ur voice d same way agen! amf!
    ang lakas pala talaga ng amats mo! Lols 😆

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