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Dear jones,


Piolo and I were introduced inside the workplace 3 years ago… at that time, he had a project and was assigned near my group. Piolo was everything that you could ask for in a guy. Tall, dark, handsome. A certified chick magnet. But inspite of all these qualities, im surprised that he remained humble and acts like a true gentleman.


back then I was just new, and people envied our closeness together. They would create gossip about us sharing the same area. But eventually, Piolo told me not to mind the rumors. He said that he’s used to it, and if he would let it affect him, then no work shall be finished. He also adviced me not to be affected by rumors,jones, for its just normal.


Months passed and I became a bit relaxed with my work and with seeing him. We would often have lunch together, and share stories of our past relationships. I found him more interesting as he opened up to me more. I would eventually find out that he’s dating this colleague of ours, although he kept it as a secret between us.


Piolo and I became closer during one summer in our company outing in boracay. All 3 of us, his gf, him and I would share one room, and go out drinking together at night. This would eventually create a bond between us jones, a bond that would eventually be the bridge of our affair.


Yes jones, I allowed myself to fall in love with Piolo. And whats worse is that we hid it from his girlfriend. He really kept it well and during the first few months of the relationship, and I was like walking in heaven. He would sneak kisses here and there, and we would go out and spend time with each other when his girlfriend wasn’t around.


Eventually, their relationship started to suffer when ours prospered. This led to the untimely breakup with his gf. At last jones, he was free, and I was free to tell the world that we are together legally.


But piolo wouldn’t risk it yet jones. He told me that it was too soon, and he was afraid of what other people might think about him. He said that he did this to protect me, to protect us. Somehow, I trusted and believed him.


Months went by and I really felt that our bond is at the strongest. I really didn’t mind now that eventhough we are 5 months into the relationship, he couldn’t tell this to everyone.


Jones, eventually there was one big rumor that will come as our biggest test. Somebody spread a nasty email questioning his gender. He was mad as hell upon hearing the rumor. He apologized to me and told me that these are blatant lies. I believed him jones, for I am with him. But I can do as much, and I can only affirm to him not to let the rumors affect him, and reassure him of my love.


Months passed but the rumors didn’t die. It started to affect our relationship. Piolo would see me less and less. I asked him whats wrong, and he wouldn’t answer me straight. He just said that it was about work and he’s just in a lot of stress lately. I would make it up to him by cooking for him and giving him a massage every now and then.


Jones, the day came when Piolo asked for breathing room, he told me he wanted to think things over regarding our relationship and where it would lead us. I asked him if this has something to do with the rumors spreading around, but he denied it. I assured him that I don’t care about the rumors, and whats important is our love for each other. He looked at me and smiled and planted a kiss on my lips.


After that night, he asked for time off, and reluctantly, I gave it to him just to save our relationship. I have offered and risked a lot for us jones, my career, my work, I even moved in with him against my parent’s advice. It just doesn’t feel right living life without him. I just don’t know how im going to survive if he breaks up with me. Piolo has become my life, I want to be with him, I want us to work, I want him back jones…I want to be…. Complete….


Thank you for the time you’ve given to shed light on my problem, youre all I need now jones. More power to you and your program.




(here’s a picture of the letter sender…listen on for my advice)


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14 Tugon to “being true…”

  1. bwahahhahahhahhha!
    ang landi..

  2. Yeah, what happened between me and Piolo was a tragedy… Sam ruined our relationship… I hate that gay… I hope he ODs on Centrum, that BIATCH!

    Piolo’s Ex Gf

    P.S. Congrats on your “coming out”, Jones…

  3. isagani x, m.a. Says:

    I can not believe I listened to this thing down to the last second of the video. LOL

    Because of “I am straight …” funny lines jones.

  4. chismissssss po yan ahhhhh.hehehe

  5. Sam, ako available,,, hahahaha..

  6. pero honestly’ si piolo lang ang silahis na papayag akong maka romansahan.. sus sino naman ang hindi di ba? lahat naman tayo di ba?
    .. kk, kaibigan ko pa rin naman kayo di ba?

  7. powtah!!! bat ko ba ‘to pinakinggan nang may LBM ako… wahhh brb.

  8. hahaha. def. ngayon ko lang sinimulan basahin ang mga lovenuts mo. i like! more! more! hahaha.

  9. […] Pero ako, I don’t easily believe in tsismis. Kahit nga napanood ko pa sa paborito kong Lovenuts, di pa rin ako naniwala. So I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I gave them the chance to win ME […]

  10. koreanmine Says:

    hanef, panalo ang soundtrack nito 😀
    sana may vids din c jones habang nabasa ng letter 😀 dun chak maiihi na ko kaka imajin sa ichu mo ! nyahaha

    LOls str8 daw 😛

  11. […] dahil idol ko na talaga mula pa nung 80’s si Dear Joe (Joe D’ Mango) at hindi si Dear Jones. Paminsan-minsan, ginagawa kong aliwan ang pagbabasa ng mga emails tungkol sa mga hinaing sa puso […]

  12. […] dahil idol ko na talaga mula pa nung 80’s si Dear Joe (Joe D’ Mango) at hindi si Dear Jones. Paminsan-minsan, ginagawa kong aliwan ang pagbabasa ng mga emails tungkol sa mga hinaing sa puso […]

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