never too late….

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believe me, i tried to make it to the friday deadline, but my schedule just wouldnt…

anyways, i hope you just enjoy.. it was worth the wait….


“sometimes letting it out can make it smell different”


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Hello again and welcome to another episode of LOVE NUTS


Dear jones


I met rico online, in a certain chatroom last month, I was a newbie back then, and I was trying to move on from a previous relationship that didn’t work.. at first I was hesitant to make friends with strangers, especially in a place where you don’t even know where theyre coming from. But it was rico who made me feel comfortable and showed me the ropes of the online world. i never really liked him at first jones, because he was quite popular in the chatroom, he would greet everybody hello, and most would greet him back.


Rico would always pester me and send me a private message, at first I found it really irritable, and I wouldn’t answer him back.. but his persistence would eventually win over me, because I found myself longing for him everytime he wouldn’t bug me…


days turned into months, we got closer, and we exchanged text numbers… he would often text me sweet nothings during the night, and I would always find myself longing for his presence everytime he wasn’t online…I found myself missing him, and my heart would skip a beat every time I see him …. It was rico who showed me how to use friendster… and for the first time.. I saw how he looked…


I admit that I felt I was 16 again, having a crush on the highschool varsity player.. and I was really reluctant to upload my pictures at friendster, coz I was afraid that he wouldn’t like me… but it turned out ok. Rico asked me to meet up with him live in person the following day, but since I came from a strict family, I had to ask permission from my parents. My parents hesitated at first, jones, but somehow I was able to make them believe that I was going out to see some friends, so they agreed.


We met at a certain mall in pasig, and I felt really scared yet excited. The minutes were like hours, and I was going round and round.. I checked myself in the mirror a hundred times and i had to powder my nose every now and then…. And then there he was…standing in front of me


He actually looked better in person jones, and I felt my cheeks flush, he gave me a quick smile, and I swear I was like Cinderella, who just saw her prince charming…he had deep penetrating eyes, and his features were every girl’s dream. We exchanged pleasantries, and he invited me to watch a movie with him, to which I readily obliged.


After the movie jones, we had dinner and coffee, I found out a lot about him, and he’s much more interesting in person than in chat, but the one thing that bothered me, is that he is a bit childish at times. I found out that he was 2 years younger than me, which is problem, because I didn’t like younger guys. Pretty soon it became dark, and I had to go home coz I have a curfew. But he insisted in bringing me home… and when I arrived at my doorstep, he gave me the sweetest kiss. He told me that he loved me, and he asked me to be his girlfriend.


Things went so fast jones, I couldn’t help not kiss him back, I didn’t want the night to end, but I had to go inside the house, little did I know, my parents saw everything and were furious. They demanded to know where and when I met rico, so I had to tell them everything.


Jones my parents just couldn’t understand online relationship… perhaps it was the generation gap between us, so they grounded me for a month. I cried and fought for rico, for I really felt something about him, but they wouldn’t just accept my explanation. I pleaded for my freedom, and after crying buckets of tears and refusing to eat, they finally agreed to allow me to be independent, which is after I celebrate my birthday the coming month..


I waited like an eternity for that month to arrive, my cellphone was confiscated and I wasn’t allowed to use the PC. The only thing that made me hang on was the thought of seeing rico once more. Finally, I’ll have the freedom to do whatever I want. My mom gave me back my cellphone a week ahead so that I could be able to invite my friends for my birthday party. The first thing that I did was call rico. I was so happy that we talked on the cellphone for 3 hours. I made rico promise to come over on my birthday and be my escort, as well as to meet my parents. He agreed without hesitation.


The week passed and my birthday came. Our guests arrived and I was busy entertaining them. The night went on, and yet rico did not show up. I got worried and called him up, he said that he had car problems, and that he was on his way.


He never arrived that night jones, he just sent a text apologizing. He wanted to end our relationship, and confessed that he was seeing another girl whom he met in chat. I was shocked, and felt like dying. I collapsed and was rushed to the hospital. And after a series of tests, I was declared out of danger by the doctors.


What am I going to do jones? Why are men such liars? I accepted him even if he was younger than me and I fought for him, only to have my heart broken. Help me jones, I beg you. May this be your gift for me on my 87th birthday which I celebrated recently…


Thank you and more power to your program





(please listen on for my advice…)





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10 Tugon to “never too late….”

  1. Def, maoospital nako sa kakatawa. Bayaran mo yung hospital bill ko… May magulang pa yan ha? Ano ba si Ellen katipunera? Di ko alam kung matatawa ako o maiiyak. Sige sabay na lang. Crispin? Basilio? Nasan kayo?

  2. Palakpakan! =)

  3. bwahahah’ akala ko seryoso ampft’ galeng!

  4. isang obra-maestra ‘to ni moo. hahaha! a dream come true.

  5. kala ko seryoso amf.. sinagot pa ni jones kamo nyahahaha

  6. @jovi: paki kamusta ako kay ellen kung makita mo sya sa ospital..

    @g0ddess; Jon Cabron; AZ: salamas.. sana magpadala rin kayo ng mga “lovenuts” nyo.. remeber.. sometimes letting it out can make it smell different..

    @moo: hayaan mo moo, promise ko pag nakatanggap din ako ng letter sayo, gagawin ko lalong mas obra..

  7. sus. sinasabi ko na nga ba….. hehehe. pero galeng tol. galeng…..

  8. Juice kow! ang haba ng hair ng lola, hahaha.

  9. @ tolitz; red: salamas, salamas, salamas narin sa inyong pagbisita.. sa uulitin…

  10. natitimang ako sa mga video mo lols

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