vince is not dead..

this time, im gonna do my blog in english…

vince mcmahon… CEO of WWE (thats World Wrestling Entertainment) is not dead….

but this is by far, the worse attempt to gain attention.. completely tasteless….

some points to consider.

1. Impossible not to find any cadavers if he really died in that limo explosion

2. News is not broadcasted over cnn, foxnews, and any news network

3. the timing of the camera… who could actually pull off an exact caught on tape death?

4. the explosion is just too friggin pyrotechnicky… its more like a “showbiz explosion”

5. where’s the driver?

6. impossible that CSI wont be able to find trace evidence of anything..

7. If indeed, vince suffered in that explosion… Local police would be the first to act and not federal agents.

i’ve sat down and just analyzed this for five minutes surfing for news about his death, and my conclusion… its a hoax..

poorly executed hoax…

oh well.. its showbiz…its a billion dollar industry….but believe me, this wont do them good.


5 Tugon to “vince is not dead..”

  1. yeah men! its just a storyline. they want to blow the mr. mcmahon character off tv. i guess he’ll be focusing on the corporate side of wwe and not on the tv side.

  2. Vince McMahon Mystery Bombing: Stunt Supervised By Pyrotechnic Co.
    By Mitch Marconi
    Jun 13, 2007

    Vince McMahon dead? Of course not, though World Wrestling Entertainment would have you believe otherwise. Vince McMahon was seen being blown up upon entering his limo on Monday Night.
    “No one was in any danger,” said Steve Poremba of Monday night’s WWE RAW performance at the Wachovia Arena in Wilkes Bar, PA., though he would not elaborate until WWE had sent out a news release.

    Even though there have been articles on the wrestling federation’s Web site and the internet that firefighters and federal agents are currently investigating the incident, Luzerne County 911 Center workers confirmed that it was all a “stunt” and that no emergency vehicles were called to the arena on Monday night.

    Yet fans from across the nation have been contacting local media to confirm reports that McMahon, the man simply known as the chairman, was blown up in a fiery car-bombing on his very own “Mr. McMahon Appreciation Night,” which was televised on USA Network.

    The “live” limo explosion wasn’t live at all and was supervised by Zenith Pyrotechnology, based in Deer Park, N.Y., the explosion was actually filmed at the arena late Saturday night with the footage of the burning limo taped Sunday night and the whole mess spliced together, according to Andy Kratz, the township’s zoning officer.

    So you can all relax now and simply enjoy the cliff-hanger.

  3. i just dont really like people playing with the news faking their death just to cause a commotion..

    its such a no brainer… i mean, sure, itll do the ratings good.. but the long term.. it wont.

  4. nabigla nga ako ng napanood ko to kagabi. ang korni ng publicity stunt ni vince mcmahon. so peke

  5. […] Vince Mcmahon… this is what you get for “crying wolf“ […]

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