hell yeah im pissed…. nobody walks out on me…. the last time somebody did that…the world crumbled… always remember that I am a GUY! we have a one track mind… dont blame me if we get confused because the last instruction that was given to us IS the only instruction we follow…. never make things complicated… unlike GIRLS, us GUYS arent fickle minded.

Here’s a good example.. Guys will only buy the things they need, hence shopping is non-existent.. guys will never try out clothes without the purpose of buying them. Most girls will go to a mall, try out clothes for hours, jump from shop to shop to shop.. and come home empty handed… guys will never do that. guys dont go shop hopping, fitting clothes and go home without buying anything… that would be a stupid waste of time, and energy much more an embarrassment to both us and the store clerks… (im not saying this coz i think its stupid when girls do it, i think its really cute when girls do that- but when guys do that, its a no no!).

im not posting this because im a chauvnist, although my tone would deem me so. but im just clearing things that we guys, really have a one track mind… dont get me wrong.. i like girls… (who doesnt?) but i hate the fact that we live in different planets… boys in mars, girls in venus.

put 5 different girls in a room who doesnt know each other, and at the end of the day… theyll end up being friends.. talk like old best of friends who havent seen each other for eternity.. but place 5 guys in a room, at the end of the day you’ll only get 5 silent guys in a room..

ive put off some steam… and ive got my shrink to thank! hey shrink! youre right! blogging is a good therapy!

back to my old happy yet grouchy mood.

and if you think my last statement above didnt make sense, let me be… for im a GUY!


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